Top 5 Hair trends for 2017

" There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a women being unapologetically herself; 

comfortable in her perfect inperfection. That the true essence of beauty "

- Quoted from Dr Steve Maraboli

1. Sleek Straight Cher Hair 

Super sleek and classy, straight, center-parted, one-length-cut hair is the in trend this 2017. Get your hair straightener ready.  To carry this perfect day and night hair, do make sure your hair are healthy to achieve the sleek and shiny look. 

Tips to achieve silky, shiny and healthy hair: 

- Use deep conditioners or hair masks to maintain your hair
- Book an appointment with your salon for a keratin hair treatment

2. High ponytail 

Time to gather your tresses and bundle them into a high ponytail. Practical and trendy high ponytail have been spotted on the runway recently. Whether in shiny and straight, or tousled and slightly messy or even curly. 

High ponytail adds elegance and feminine to your look. It gives your face an instant face lift too. 

Tips to achieve the perfect high ponytail: 

- Stack two ponytails to give the illusion of a longer, fuller ponytail.
- Spray some hairspray onto a comb, then pull through the hair just before styling a ponytail to minimize the appearance of flyaways.

3. Corkscrew curls

2017 is all about embracing the natural hair texture. On the opposite end of the spectrum to sleek hair. The classic 70's corkscrew curls, also known as the ‘Hippie Hair Perm' had taken over the industry. The voluminous make the style look sultry and sophisticated.

Achieve an endearing hair look, by applying tight curls to your bangs for a more subtle sexy look. You can simply achieve corkscrew curls using a small diameter curling wand. 

Tips to achieve the perfect corkscrew curls: 

- Do not brush after curling!
- Use a diffuser while blow drying your hair to create more volume and tame frizz. 

4. Minimal Wave 

Either you go tight or light. Beach wave, bouncy loose curls is so yesterday. Minimal Wave gives you a softer, subtle elegance look. 
Create this minimal wave using a hair straightener with a light twist at the midsection. 

5. Heavy Bang

Our fringe is one part of the hair which often get overlooked. The fringe was able to determine and correct the shape of our face. 

"Cut a good fringe and start wearing your hair messy and just blow-dry the fringe" - Jen Atkin, Celebrity Stylist

Heavy blunt cuts and some shaggier looks, perfectly sleek ones and some in the messy designs are the way to go this year.