AC Motor Hair Dryer VS DC Moto Hair Dryer

With the vast choices of hair dryers in the market nowaday, making your purchase decision may be challenging. A hair dryer is an essential styling tool in our daily life in both homes and salons. 

The type of motor installed in the hair dryer shall be your primary consideration during your decision-making process. The motor of the hair dryer determines the power, the air flow and the heat diffused out. 

There two different kinds of the motor which the majority of the hair dryers are using, the AC Motor and the DC Motor. 

Here is the breakdown of the differences between the AC motor and DC motors.

AC Motor: 

- Alternate current flow
-  Heavier motor 
- Longer life expectancy of 700-1200 hours
- Efficiency 1500 to 2000 RPM 
- Powerful airflow 
- Fast Drying 
- Salon Performance 
- Quiet 

DC Motor: 

- Direct current flow 
- Lightweight
- Shorter life expectancy 400-700 hours
-  5,000 to 6,000 RPM
- Less powerful airflow 
- Good for everyday home use 
- Slightly noisier as compare to AC motor

*RPM = Revolutions per minute

With the above comparison, you can now determine which hair dryer is suitable for you. 

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